Publishing Partner Program Details

You are literally a few clicks away from one of the most rewarding and profitable publishing partner programs you will ever come across. Our focus is directly in-line with our Client’s; to provide them with the knowledge and tools to improve their credit scores and overall credit standing as quickly as possible, without spending a small fortune. Our innovative step-by-step credit repair system shows our client’s how to work aggressively to improve their own credit using the same proven professional techniques we have used for over a decade.

As one of our publishing partners, you simply refer new members to our website and receive a majority portion of their initial enrollment fee ( 70% ). You just recommend a great program, we we handle everything else. Our program delivers such an incredible value, your referrals will love you for telling them about us.

Because of the low cost of our membership, we convert a high number of visitors into paying members, and because of the value we provide and our proven results-driven system, you can rest assured that your referrals will be glad you sent them.

We pay a 70% commission for every paid new member signup that you refer. Our credit repair membership is currently $47 (one-time payment). Your commission for each new paid member is 70% of the $47 which is $32.90 (US Dollars).

We look forward to having you as a publishing partner.
If you are a financial professional such as a mortgage broker, insurance or real estate professional, refer your clients to a program in which you can be proud. Our publishing partner program has been the program of choice for mortgage, real estate, and insurance professionals for over a decade. Your clients will be ecstatic that you shared our program with them and will absolutely return to you for your services (with dramatically improved credit).

Step 1 :: Publishing Partner Signup

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Step 2 :: Get Your Publishing Partner Link
Once you are signed up with ClickBank, you will need to use this link to create your unique affiliate link to promote our program.

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Step 3 :: Get Your Marketing Banners
You can use the below banners to market our program. Be sure to replace the "xxxxx" with your Clickbank ID, or replace the entire Clickbank hoplink with the cloaked one you obtain from Step 2 above.

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